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Childhood Behavioral Issues

As a Behavioral Specialist Consultant, I have worked in the place many parents, educators, and counselors consider the single-most important to establish meaningful contact with children in: their home. I have listened to parents and caregivers desperate for help. Often heartbroken, sometimes frightened, they want

to know WHY their beautiful child is failing tests or being sent home because he/she is hitting other kids, throwing chairs, even cutting themselves. I know about natural alternatives to the commonly prescribed meds kids get from doctors but am willing to consult with medical professionals. While I prefer a holistic approach before medication, home visits make me keenly aware that the parent knows her or his child best. Together, we'll work with your child to keep life on an even keel, sailing for calm waters. Here is a list of chronic childhood disabilities I have work as a home-based counselor in:


- Autistic Spectrum Disorders

- ADD and ADHD

- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

- Poor Social Skills and Limited Peer Relationships

- Defiance and Anger Issues

- Depression and Anxiety

- Learning Disabilities

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