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Intense physical training as a figure skater gives me a special perspective on the issues facing both women and men in any area of competition, whether in the form of work-related stress or the often crueler arena of high school and junior high school bullying. I have coached skaters of all ages, know the role of the mind-body connection to achievement, and appreciate keenly how important plain old hope is to becoming our best selves. Also,the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts create an emotional state of being. We attract what we think about. So... YES! the Law of Attraction works. And it is based in cognitive theory.

Just like everyone who has spent many years in competitive athletics and the entertainment industry, I am no stranger to rejection and the dark possibilities that menace us when loss--whether within a family, at a job, in school corridors, or on the playing field--becomes too great. You don't win every race or get the recognition you deserve on the job all the time. Just remember....  if you are not acting, you are being acted upon.  Be  proactive in your life!

Consider me if you are interested in making the Law of Attraction work for you-- I also call this Hope Coaching.

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